Saturday, April 7, 2012


Nothing like waking up is more than a cool concept
Fresh out of mind driving the sky down to a new
Blue while it lasted. Escape with nary a costume.
Having fun without limits? Don't be alarmed,
This lie is a penetration. (It's only a test.)
Dreams like these are filters, not unlike the last
Brutal sortie fucked. Some sharpness was lost
Under the teen's brittle hegemony. What I inspect
Nightly is a far more durable trace of
Sticking to principles. I choose them with care,
Feeling left out in the ordinary. I depend
On the likeness of myself to a damaged good
Too useful not to be consumed. My friends are the glue
Bonding the sky to the rain I consider
The true me, no match for my window. Beyond that,
The recession-proof sidewalk is a scene to be revealed
Through the view that all dogs must be obeyed.
Wherever you are, stranger who makes up my
Life from scraps, take the hint: Saturday and the light are here
Submitting the order I've looked for for you.