Sunday, July 6, 2014

Safe to Say

Free to act in line with a twisting
Road's burden of proof, done for
In the way of conscious animals,
The stagger of the task may
Serve to incite a gravity
You could as well do without as apply
To any assumed identity.
A small wrath given birth
In the midst of a voiceless past is secure
Only in its tendency to wander,
Yet it works every time
You make it; nothing left in the dark
Is loved more or less.
                                         Another way to go
May swerve into light devised
To speak to a certain wariness
In the ongoing, the frank dissembling
That comes to pass through a starkly
Constructed malaise, even dread
In the mind that claims the unique
Intelligence a silent day sends
Along the wireless air. Left off there,
I begin dividing the drift of
All that suspends, losing but loose,
Aching for a walk to take
The place of the day's end.