Monday, March 2, 2015

The Headache Fastener Thingy Wasn't Working Scarily

This new you's a pylon of agriculture—
Elegant twine Tuesday perimeter
Sealed "bent knock five" truce oldie
Sap nod. Truck lover black sand whisper?
Nothing the roof can say "can do"
Or further very hospital legwarmer
Transition team cupcake. You're

Jousting a lost sheep madrigal platform
Flagged as a stuck bloom,
Motion sickness Broadway rapier saxophone.

Action chaps decide FedEx blasphemy,
Ample deft switchgrass organization pig
"Begin the Beguine"? Alamo doubts it.
Ankle floe deletes its mention,
Says "comebacks are a tough ape
Several pedestals" on the buddy system of
Panic dressing, floor shine lepers now
Sketching who's. Another monster's record
Keeps juice to help snag holy knack
Friendship, lady opines green, solider.

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