Friday, January 22, 2016

A Few Sturdy Pillars, If You Please

People are informal anymore. More than that,
They are influential. Is that supposed to mean something?
For instance, that we're to advocate less tirelessly for talking quietly
Behind barns? Light spills out from inside and

Suggests an altogether different outcome:
That's no ordinary cardinal you've burped up there,
That's a homo erectus for the ages. Then Jesus went to college
And started a fire. These lands used to be

Over there, controlled by remote. You had to oxidize
Fruitlessly for any given morning
To make any headway past noontime. Uh—
Well, how about we teach it the way we were taught to teach it,

Which is not the same as the ripe grape of a neighbor's
Swallowed pride that gets passed down in the genes,
Those habitual liars; watch as they crisscross the heavens
In search of new buzzwords to inflame.

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