Friday, December 22, 2006

Dreamland, Part II

As I was saying, this mysterious stranger came up to us and asked, "Did I overhear you say you's wantin' to see some them dead aliens?" I thought about it for a moment, and then I realized something: I suddenly was no longer interested in dead aliens. I told the man as much. He looked surprised. "Really?" he said. "I don't get it. A second ago you seemed pretty damned eager to get a looksee at some them dead aliens they got over there. What changed yer mind? You ain't yella, are you?"

To which I replied: "Well, I WAS feeling excited about dead aliens, but ever since I decided to pause my telling of this story and come back to it later, my enthusiasm for it has waned. The conceit has become stale, worn out. Perhaps this is because I've allowed two days to pass between the initial flash of inspiration and this current attempt to recapture it, but what could I do? The kitchen needed cleaning. When I realized I wasn't going to be able to wrap up the story in short order, I had no choice but to abandon it at a suspenseful point and hope that I would be able to pick up on it later, with the same energy and spirit that had made my initial effort so clever and entertaining. Alas, I'm afraid it was a case of lightning in a bottle. It was a very special set of circumstances that led me to create that world, to inhabit and breathe life into those characters. I was, in other words, 'in the zone.' I may yet regain residency of the zone sometime in the near future, but by then I will have most assuredly lost all interest in dead aliens, Area 51, and even my dear sweet Mitzi, who through no fault of her own will now be forced out of existence by my shortsightedness, my indifference, my deficit of attention. So long, Mitzi, here's to you!"

And with that I raised my half-empty Harvey Wallbanger to my dear Mitzi, who was already starting to fade into nothingness, though her gleaming white smile remained, like the Cheshire Cat. The mysterious stranger said nothing, just grinned knowingly and shook his head. Then they both were gone, along with the bar, the desert, and even the state of Nevada. All that remained was me, on my couch, typing, watching Family Guy.

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