Friday, December 1, 2006

Post the First

Zadie Smith is extremely beautiful, except for her teeth, which are English to the root. She is a very good writer but I can't stop thinking about how beautiful she is. Julie Orringer is also extremely beautiful. So is Heidi Julavits. So is Vendela Vida. It's hard to think of Heidi Julavits without thinking of Vendela Vida. Not that that's a bad thing, I suppose. A few weeks ago I saw Heidi Julavits read from her new novel, *The Uses of Enchantment*, at the Chelsea Barnes and Noble. I have never been inside the Chelsea Hotel, though I have walked past it several times. Ethan Hawke made a movie about the Chelsea Hotel called *Chelsea Walls*. The first time I saw it I saw it alone. The second time I saw it I saw it with a very good female friend of mine.

I work not in Chelsea but in the West Village, at a doggy daycare. Tomorrow, December 1, is my last day. It's a temp job, scanning documents. It's tedious and monotonous work, but fortunately I enjoy tedious and monotonous work. I listen to the radio all day, just like I did when I washed dishes in Indiana. The West Village is also called Greenwich Village and is adjacent to Chelsea.

Cozart is my mother's maiden name. The URL was taken, so I chose something a little less patriarchal. Cozart sounds way cooler than Walker anyway.

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