Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Resolution! Resolution! Write in blog every day! Eight minutes left! Almost forgot! Resolution! Resolution! What should I—

So, I hear skinny people are slowing down the subways. How 'bout that. Huh. Um... So, I hear yo mama's so fat, if she stood on some scales, they would indicate that a very large person indeed was standing on them. Ahem.

Resolution! Resolution! Less than six minutes! Panic! Distress! Catastrophe! Say, have you ever noticed how a lot of Europeans pronounce catastrophe as "CAT-a-stroff"? How 'bout that. Huh. Indeed.

Well, I guess that's substantial enough to justify hitting the ol' "publish" button. But perhaps you might first enjoy a delightful poem.


When I was a boy
Growing up in England
In the late 1920's
We played a lot of croquet.

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