Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Of course, this book will have consequences."

Really? In what universe would that be? Because in this one—despite the wishful thinking of certain sanctimonious commentators—poetry does not have political consequences. Hell, most elections don't have political consequences (except the negative kind).

The war in Iraq will go on no matter how many poems are written saying how bad it is. People in certain theocratic countries will still be getting their heads chopped off no matter how many poorly-translated imported protest poems show up in American literary journals.

I'm so sick of this "political poetry" debate that I don't even feel like saying anything more about it in this post. Indeed, I have an urgent desire to discuss anything else. Doesn't matter what. Tulsa, for example. Let's talk about Tulsa. The band, I mean, not the city. I am not a fan of Tulsa, the band. I have never been to Tulsa, the city, and I have no desire ever to go there. Would I like it? Doubt it. Then again, I've never seen such flatness as can be found in the "Plains states", which many people incorrectly consider part of the Midwest. Here are the Midwestern states: Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin, in the order in which they occurred to me. If your state lies west of the Mississippi River, your state is not a Midwestern state. It is a Plains state. If your state is West Virginia, your state is special, because it is not a firm member of any one region. Kudos to you, West Virginia—or as I like to call you, "the W.V."—for breaking off from Confederate Virginia during the Civil War. You're a State among states.

ANFSCD. (And now for something completely different.) I think the British do it right where quotation marks and punctuation are concerned. Americans like their commas and periods to be inside the quotations marks, probably because they feel it's visually pleasing, whereas those wise Anglo-Saxons abroad prefer the logical approach, putting those pesky punctuation marks outside the quotes. They make sure the quotes (or as they say, "inverted commas") hug the words that are being quoted, visual aesthetics be damned.

RULE BRITANNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another band I am not a fan of is The Go! Team.

Ghostland Observatory I can imagine liking in certain contexts.

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  1. oh I love the Go! Team. they make good music for dancing or feeling happy.