Friday, April 18, 2008

Churchy McChurchface is in town, clogging our streets with his eminence. Actually it seemed to be business as usual on the subway this morning. Speaking of which, I knew it would be a good day when the 1 train waited for me to buy a new metrocard. How cool is that. Here's how it went down. I started to go through the turnstile with my old card just as the train pulled in. The "insufficient fare" message came up and I cursed my luck. So I took my time getting a new card, but when I turned around to go back through the turnstile, the train was still there, doors wide open. I'd managed to get out of the house about ten minutes early, so the train wasn't very crowded. Plus it's Friday, which means it was less crowded to begin with. We're past the exciting part of the story. I got on the train. A guy got off (disembarked) at 125th and I took his place. The story has passed its climax. At 96th I switched to the 2,3 as usual and eventually got to work. Where I am now. This story has come to an end, far past the point where it should have.

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