Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wow. SNL was funny tonight. Yes it was. Wow. Christopher Walken. Genius. Genius.


  1. I made a point of watching SNL as soon as I heard the good news.

    Walken, even though he's now realized that he can stay 100% glued to the TelePrompTer and/or cue cards and still be worshipped, made my night. He definitely soothed the sting of watching modern SNL.

  2. Indeed--in fact I believe his staring at the cue cards was part of his brilliance, along with his ridiculously halting delivery. It's almost like he was making fun of how lazy and cheap SNL has become in recent years. And for some reason the whole googly-eyes-on-plants sketch is the one I remember the most. Since the concept is so profoundly "dumb" and weird, it's a thing of beauty the way he pulls it off. I believe you could say it was pythonesque.

    I even noticed a difference in the quality of the laughter from the audience throughout the show--giddy and excited rather than the usual polite and forced.