Friday, June 6, 2008

Handwritten note found inside just-purchased copy of Matthea Harvey's Sad Little Breathing Machine, dated June 24, 2006:

"Dear Danica,

I bought your book, A Late Freeze at MOCCA and loved it--it is such a beautifully strange story. I bought the Circus Song from you online [and] loved that too, so I thought your brilliance warranted a fan letter. Thank you for your work!

I'm a poet so I'm sending you my 2 books (just in case you like poetry).

All best,

I wonder why Danica didn't hold on to this.... Intriguing.


  1. Very interesting. That's like a post-it in a copy of The Prince of Tides I bought last week. It read: "Dear B___: Please please read this -- all -- you are not going to want to -- but it's important to me that you do -- it has brought back a lot of the childhood we lost -- the ending is a positive resolution. Love, J_____"

    Please let me know what you think of SLBM. I have it but have not read it yet.

    I actually like Danica's work. Huh.

  2. Will do.

    I've actually never heard of this Danica person, but I'm going to look her up.

  3. Did it sound as if I had? Awesome! No, I just checked her work out before I commented.

    Danica Novgorodoff