Thursday, June 19, 2008

The word concretize has been stuck in my head like a song these last couple days, so I looked it up just now and found this illustrative sentence: “The need to simplify and concretize . . . was hardly acceptable to a mind fascinated by the . . . suggestiveness of ideas” (Arthur A. Cohen).  I don't know who Arthur A. Cohen is.  Is he related to Chester A. Arthur?  Anyway, I think Arthur A. Cohen had my mind in mind when he said what he said.  Make it my epitaph.  The ellipses are especially appropriate.

I'm kind of disappointed to learn that I didn't invent the word concretize.

Yesterday on the way home from a reading in Brooklyn I wrote this in my notebook, which because I was in a certain kind of mood (a good kind) I wrote as lines of poetry:

             Like anyone I sometimes get these flashes of insight
             as I'm walking around or
             sitting on the train or something but I don't like to
             write these things down, to concretize them the way everyone advises
             in books about how to write.

Then I wrote some other stuff that wasn't very interesting.

I wish I was smarter.  I probably don't even know what concretize means.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my little nook of the web. Ladytron was fabulous! They even came to the club next door to dance and chat. I will upload pics and video soon, I've been a slacker watching movies all evening.

    I'm going to get back to checking out your little blog here. :)