Saturday, July 26, 2008

Maiden Lane

Perfect weather pisses me off because no matter what I do I feel like I'm wasting it.  The picture above is a picture of perfect weather.  It's too hard to decide what to do, because you feel pressure to get it right.  After taking this picture I used the bathroom at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble (cleanest one in town) and while I was there decided to see if there were any new poetry books that didn't suck and which I didn't know about.  There was.  It's called Rogue Hemlocks, and it's written by a person whose name is Carl Martin.  It's his third book.  It is a book I will buy if and when I see it at a decent bookstore.  Ahem.  So no, I didn't buy it, but I skimmed a couple of poems and felt pretty much like I'd read something I'd never read before, which is something that happens to me only once a month or so.  That's a wild guess, but still.

I'm going to this thing at Unnameable tomorrow that should be fun and interesting.

I'm almost done with the third chapter of Sentimental Education.

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