Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Having opinions is not something I do well. I've always believed grown-ups know best, and I still don't think of myself as a grown-up. It's hard for me to have confidence in any opinion when I look at grown-ups put forth seemingly wise, thought-out opinions, expressed in a confident manner...but which contradict equally wise, thought-out, confidently-expressed opinions of other grown-ups. If they disagree, someone must be wrong, right? But how can someone be wrong when what they are saying is so confidently-expressed? It must be that there are people who believe they are right, but are actually not. How am I supposed to trust the opinions of seemingly wise people when I can't be sure of who is actually right and who is actually wrong? What if everybody is wrong? Because everybody can be wrong, but not everyone can be right. Does anybody really know anything?

Every thought I have is something I stole from a seemingly wise grown-up. (I'll believe anything.) Therefore some of what I "know" must be wrong. I realize this. That's why I'm reluctant to have opinions, much less express them.

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