Monday, July 28, 2008


That is NOT a rhetorical question. I'm sitting here in my room in Harlem, and for more than ten minutes I was listening to what sounded like a mighty barrage of cannonfire. Here's an excerpt of a conversation I was having at the time:

9:03 PM  me: dude what is with all this CANNONFIRE in Harlem right now???
9:04 PM  i swear to god it sounds like cannons
                  big, booming battleship guns
                  i have no idea what it is
9:06 PM  i don't hear screams, so i guess it's nothing to worry about
                  fireworks maybe?
                  i can't see any out the window
9:07 PM   and it's way louder

                  [my friend]: i don't know

                  me: it's like the friggin spanish armada out there!!
9:09 PM  this is insane. it's still going on. it's not even a holiday
                  i swear it sounds exactly like a world war two movie
                  i've never heard such booms before
9:11 PM    it's like the bloody blitz over here

9:12 PM   [my friend]: sounds like s tory to me

                  me: it's like freakin gettysburg, jeez louise

                  ok it stopped
9:13 PM   man that was weird

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