Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yeah, so I finally watched this tonight, and my basic reaction was: that's it?  Maybe I was expecting too much.  I think I was expecting a comedy.  I think I was expecting Mel Brooks or Terry Gilliam.  I think I was thinking how much better and funnier and wilder this would be if it had been directed by Terry Gilliam instead of a sitcom star.  I suppose there is some "humor" in this movie, but it isn't really funny humor.  It's more like wait, wait, I think he's going to say something funny...oh, maybe not humor.  And it seemed like everyone was mumbling.  Am I the first person to notice this?  Is there wax in my ears?  There is, but let's pretend there isn't so that my point may stand unchallenged.

The movie also reaffirmed my philosophy of B.C.A.S.—Billy Crystal Always Sucks. 


  1. This is a movie to be watched when you're about eight. It's perfect then.

  2. Ah, in that case I will try to be about eight the next time I watch it.