Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chapter 4 of Sentimental Education is a long-ass chapter.  I read the first seven pages of it last night during my walk down Riverside Drive, which, in this part of town, seems to be separated from Broadway by a continent or other large landmass.  What I'm saying is, they're a lot different, those two streets, even though they're close together.  I ended up at Nussbaum & Wu, a place that reminds me of the Bakehouse.  I drank a coffee that was the size of two coffees.  Later I used a Starbucks bathroom without buying anything.  It's fun to stick it to Starbucks in this way, but then, you don't want to stick it to them too much, because if Starbucks disappeared, the number of public restroom opportunities in Manhattan would shrink to a critical level.  Kind of a paradox...

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