Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From the Department of People Are So Fucking Stupid

Okay. A news story. The headline: "Wife blasted for keeping Edwards affair secret". The gist: some Democrats think Elizabeth Edwards's keeping quiet about John's affair was "self-serving", "naive", and "no less a sin than the one committed by her philandering husband".

From the article:

"'I think she's complicit,' said Brad Crone, a Raleigh-based Democratic consultant. 'Obviously, she knew. While she's the victim, she clearly didn't stand in the way of the cover-up.'"

Excuse me? Fuck you, Brad Crone. The "cover-up"??? You mean, a married couple choosing not to reveal intimate details of their personal life? Fuck that. Cover-up is a word that should be reserved for things that actually matter, things that are actually relevent to other people's lives. The idea that politicians cheating on their spouses is relevent to other people's lives is a right-wing bullshit myth you are buying into, Brad Crone. Fuck you and fuck any Democrat who helps perpetuate right-wing bullshit.

I really, really, really hate Democrats sometimes. The spineless Democrats in Congress during Bush's reign are almost as bad as he is. I'm starting to remember why I voted for Nader in 2000. (I won't do that again; I'm just saying.)

Fuck this. This isn't a political blog. Political blogs are boring. I need a Coca-Cola.

I'm a nice person.

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