Thursday, August 7, 2008

Strunk & White, suck on this:

From “It’s Not Acceptable to be Fatso”, by Aase Berg:

“… I hope for poetic expressions that are aggressive, baroque and esoteric; I prefer ridiculous and embarrassing to perfection. On the literary market, which is dominated by the aesthetic and social ideals of the upper middleclass, it is unacceptable to be excessive in any way – one adjective too many and you’re out. There’s a stubborn cliché that the sober, quiet and elegant, the so-called “simple” is categorically more informative than the noisy. The fleshy, screamy and overdone, the vulgar, desperate and pathetic are so taboo in our culture that there must be dog buried in the phenomenon.”

She's Swedish, and she has a book called Mörk Materia. How cool is that? That is a cool-ass title. In English it just means "dark matter", but it's still cool. As dark matter itself is cool. As Hanny's Voorwerp is cool. All astronomical phenomena are cool. With the possible exception of brown dwarfs*. Nah, just kidding, brown dwarfs, you know I love you.

*A brown dwarf is "a celestial body with insufficient mass to sustain the nuclear fusion that produces radiant energy in normal stars, believed to have formed with enough mass to start nuclear fusion in its core, but without enough for the fusion to become self-sustaining." (Thanks,

Felt like using an asterisk there. Not really necessary I guess. Sue me. Sue my skinny white unnecessary ass, Strunk & White.


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  2. It does that on its own--must be a bug. Just try reloading.