Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm sick of theoryheads.  Kent Johnson made a snide remark about Dean Young.  Just like that my faith in Dean Young is back on track.  Theory is fine, and not liking Dean Young is fine, but if your theory takes you beyond the point where you're capable of liking Dean Young, then your theory has gone too far.  That said, he does seem to copy Kenneth Koch a lot.  But hey, all I ever do is copy from various people, so I'm not complaining.  This is from Koch's "The Problem of Anxiety":

                                                      In those days
          (Of infancy) when one could only wriggle,
          One did (wriggle) and scream and froth and
          Mother came. Now Mother cometh not,

And here're some lines from Dean Young's "Foam Ode":

          My experience with strange suds—
          not exactly my first memory
          but close, some weird froth
          in the gutter, Mommie what is it?
          Mother telleth not.

Froth, Mother, cometh, telleth—I have no idea whether Koch's poem was in Young's subconscious mind or his conscious mind, but it had to be in one of them.


  1. you should link, or quote, from the snide remark, as i like to get worked up about such tings

  2. It was from the Harriet blog, a while ago. I keep swearing to myself never to read that thing again (though I can't help myself), and I haven't the stomach to sift through the muck to find the quote. But happy hunting!