Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Minutes

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

0805—The dressing of the body. Cortizone has been applied to two parts of similar shape.

0825—Hoodie time! The first of the season. Kid across the aisle is wearing t-shirt of train we are on: "1".

0837—I am writing this in a 60-page Japanese notebook (that's 30 sheets) I got at Muji, "the Japanese Ikea". I read about these notebooks and the store they come from on a blog, and now here I am with one in my hand. I've never been to an actual Ikea. Sixty pages is a good length, especially appropriate for this project. Get it? Sixty pages, sixty minutes, sixty seconds...

0850—Confession: I had to correct my spelling of Bernanke. Don't ask.

0853—The Caucasian young professional on my left is listening to possibly rap music on her headphones. She is standing, I am sitting.

0904—Elevator. Ever since I started setting my alarm five minutes later, I keep getting to work five minutes late.

1029—Part of 16th floor smells like some kind of pioneer village.

1216—In my element. My element is Burger King.

1232—Emerge from BK feeling like crap. Perhaps it's the food. Thinking about those Libertarians from yesterday. Yes, they were Libertarians. I saw them on the news, but I did not see me. I was sitting too high up on the steps to be caught by the camera, at least in the footage I saw. I have a footage fetish. You could say I'm a footage fetishist, yes you could.

1238—"Siamese connection".

1451—Digging highly the Taken by Trees cover of "Sweet Child o' Mine".

1800—There are not a lot of people my age named Phyllis.

1805—We are being held momentarily by the train's dispatcher.

1810—The transition from summer to fall is the most abrupt of the four seasonal changes.

1826—Fucking NY Post.

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