Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin banned book hoax

I hate to defend Palin, but let's not embarrass ourselves by spreading rumors about a banned book list.  I got suspicious when I saw Webster's Dictionary.  (Hey, I know she's crazy, but c'mon, you'd have to be beyond bonkers to ban the friggin' dictionary.)

It's important not to get caught up in rumors if we want to maintain credibility about the many, many, many real problems with McCain/Palin.

UPDATE: Wow, it seems I've risen to the top of the (Google) charts with this post.  So for all you strangers passing through, let me just use this opportunity to encourage you to read the rest of my blog.  It's a very entertaining blog involving stuff and things.  There are poems.  There are pictures.  There is very little political content, except for the past week or so.  I wish I had something to sell that I could encourage you to buy.  I guess I'll settle for selling myself.  What?  What I mean is, read this blog, and encourage your friends (and enemies) to do the same.

That is all.

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