Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A few minutes ago I thought I would check in on Ashbery's A Wave, one of the over 100 books I'm currently reading.  For bookmarks I sometimes use old envelopes.  After re-reading "Destiny Waltz", I happened to glance at my envelope bookmark.  And then my brain went something like, Derrrr...uhhh...iz dat uhhhh....PAYCHECK?!?!

And yes, yes it was.  A paycheck dated 7/9/08.  A paycheck marked "VOID AFTER 3 MONTHS".  Now, I guess 3 months from 7/9 would be 10/9, right?  Ninety days would be 10/7 (today), or 10/6 (yesterday) if 7/9 counts as "day 1"... but since it says "3 months" and not "90 days", I'm good to go, right?  Right?  I know that even if it is void all I have to do is ask my employer for a new check, but I would like to avoid the embarrassment.


  1. dude, it's worth a shot, just take it to the bank, stat.

  2. I'm checking every book I've even glanced at in the last few months RITE NOWZ.