Thursday, February 19, 2009

Like, at least 60 or 70 things about me

I stole this idea from Jessica Smith. Thank you Jessica. The contents of my backpack as of 11pm on 2.18.09. I'm not sure how many items there are. Depends on if you count each stray staple separately. If anyone wants to challenge me, you can put up your own picture, and if you have more items in your bag than I have in mine, then you can brag to people that you have more items in your bag than I have in mine.


  1. This is awesome voyeurism.

    It reminds me of a feature LIFE magazine did in the forties, where they had various Hollywood sex bombs (no, I'm not calling you a 'sex bomb' Matt. Not today anyway.) open up their purses (how Freudian huh?) to reveal the contents.

    I had hoped for at least one switchblade or mummified finger but it was mostly pretty lipstick and address books and ho-hum stuff. Mouth candy. Jewels.

    Your congeries is interesting. The colors are pretty. Purty.

    I was hoping you had added like a Dressed to Kill wig and dagger or something for fun. Latex gloves. A stuffed miniature alligator from Florida circa 1961.

    But there is the mystery of that item in the upper central area that appears to be a tire pressure checker, which begs the question, "What is a New Yorker doing with a tire pressure checker?"

    I mean, I have one in my glove box of my car.

    All redblooded, hale Pennsylvanians do.

    We like to check tire pressure.

    A lot.

    But in your bag, Matt, it's sort other way to put it...sinister.

    My word verification is "atorissu," which is, as everbody literate knows, the Japanese transliteration of a sneeze.

  2. I have three fat pens, and what you're thinking is a tire gauge is prolly one of those.

    Do you have to pay for air in PA? Just curious, because in Indiana I think there was only one station left where you could get it for free, at least in my town. I didn't really research it though. There might have been more.

  3. It used to be free but mostly it's pay for spray now.

    Some of the really old gas stations might have been too lazy to change over so you might get lucky.

    I know one that might still be giving away the "milk" for free on Derry Street. Zip code 17111.

    But they've had a change of ownershp so I'm guessing no.

    That would be a great documentary, Matt.

    Travel around the country looking for "free air."

    That's so IFC.

    You'd be like famous overnight.