Thursday, February 12, 2009

A message from me, Matt, author of this blog. Please watch. Thank you.


  1. The Mother of All Awesomes.

    I love this.

    I love the way he says "h-eye-lair-ee-ous."

    Your script was perfect!

  2. I quickly learned that you can make him pronounce a word any way you want by spelling it phonetically--
    "high larious".

  3. Weird lol. I had just typed the same thing on my blog when doing edits for odd pronunciations..yeah I realized write away I had to make Dahmer "Daahmer." It's great that the program has understanding of vowel pronunciation (short/long) based on phonemes and short/long patterns in English. So it can pronounce even imaginary words correctly if you cue it correctly. Just hope they add more templates. But that's the biggest programming workload I'm sure...all those detailed camera angles etc. You'd imagine eventually there will be "chunking" that speeeds up processes like that...