Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So basically what happened was I was listening to Bookworm the other day and heard about this band I've never heard about before, not one word, not even a Family Guy reference, in my 27 years. After listening to some of their songs online I've been thinking, What a curious choice for one's all-time favorite band. But that's cool. In other news, I learned in a Believer interview I read yesterday that Ashbery digs Bukowski. He didn't say digs, but that was the gist. But anyway how did Sparks escape my detection all these years? I had no idea such a huge gap in my pop culture awareness existed. I'd've thought I'd've heard of anything that's ever been on VHfreaking1 forcryingoutloud. I'm not really upset, I'm just coffee.

Um, I hope you plan on clicking 'play' on the above video, if you haven't already.

You did, right? ... Don't read this blog again until you have. Thank you. Listen to it a couple times so that you won't be able to get it out of your head all day.

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  1. I dig Bukowski too.

    I'm surprised Ashbery would dig Bukowski.

    He's very funny in some poems.

    Like the one where the dog goes running by his yard with the human arm or hand or something in his mouth.

    I like that poem.

    And the one that ends "But I don't weep. Do you?"

    I probably misquoted it.

    But that poem's good too.

    And the one where he tools past somebody on the LA freeway and talks about how he enjoys looking like Frankenstein driving a hot car.

    He has dozens and dozens of good poems.

    He's not Robert Duncan or William Shakespeare but he's a funny poet liked by people who don't like poetry.

    And the poem where he talks about audiences at operas of years past used to scream and shout and throw things when the music sucked, but today they just sit there.

    And he says "has music gotten that much better" or something like that.

    That's a GREAT poem lol.

    And so evilly true.