Tuesday, March 3, 2009

20 boox?

This meme confuses me. Twenty books that made you fall in love with poetry. Why would it take twenty? If the first ten books on your list didn't get the job done, then what are they doing on the list? In other words, if the first book on your list made you fall in love with poetry—and it must have, since it's on the list—then aren't the following nineteen superfluous, as far as the list is concerned?

Anyway I can't even remember which one was first. It was either Leaves of Grass (which to this day I've only read a tiny fraction of), or this book by Cummings, 100 Selected Poems. Those were both teenager books (meaning books read by me as a teenager).

Then there was Eliot in college (mainly just Prufrock, which was pretty earthshaking for me at the time—I thought it was hilarious), and Koch, Schuyler, James Tate and Dean Young. (I didn't like Ashbery until a bit later, towards the end of college.)

There might have been some others in there too, I just can't remember off the top of my head what took the top of my head off. I also can't remember individual books. I guess I think more in terms of authors than books when it comes to poetry. I'm not a person who cares so much about a poetry book as "a book". I constantly forget which poems are in which books. Even though nowadays I usually try to read a book front to back, I didn't do that so much when I was starting to read poetry. I skipped around. I was just thinking about poems, not books.

So, yeah. No list from me.

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  1. same here. i dont even know if ive read twenny poetry boox, lol