Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soccergirl, Incorporated

A year or two ago I discovered this podcast called Soccergirl, Incorporated and I stopped listening to it for awhile for no reason and then I started listening to it again like just the other day.

It's hard to summarize what it is, but basically you have the host whose name is Soccergirl (aka Anneke Rudegeair) and she talks about things and stuff and makes up songs and what I guess you'd call skits and she's very smart and clever and her show is very well-made DIY at its best et cetera and she looks like-->

but anyway basically what she is is a pioneer of the artform/media-thing type deal known as the podcast. It's sort of bringing back old-time radio traditions a little bit, like in the sense of 'talk radio' that isn't the kind of 'talk radio' you hear on regular 'talk radio'. You know, 'theater of the mind' type stuff. (Soccergirl is especially good at this because she's very good at doing different voices.)

She also talks about various parts of the human body a lot in a very humorous and shameless way that's very refreshing.

She has over 300 episodes so far. Click the link above or look for her on iTunes and listen to her on the subway like I do. Yay.

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