Sunday, March 1, 2009

Someone came here from either Hay River or Yellowknife, Northwest Territories!

Who knew they had internet up there? How is that even possible?

Whenever I look at a map of Canada I'm awestruck. Not so much because it's big. The U.S. is big too. But in Canada, especially in the west, there are

So. Few. People.

Population of Northwest Territories (2006): 41,464.

Dude. That's smaller than my neighborhood (Hamilton Heights).

Northwest Territories is 440,479 square miles. That's about .09 people per square mile. In other words, 10.6 miles per person.

Now, the population of Yellowknife, the capital, was 18,700 in 2006. So take that away from 41,464, and you find that the population of NT outside this town is just 22,764. Which means you have a population density of .05 people per square mile, or 19.3 square miles per person!!!

One person
for every
square miles.

People who live there must feel like interplanetary explorers. I know I would. So many miles of trees and mountains and lakes and ice and snow and tundra and bears and caribou who know no more about Twitter than they do about movable type, or freaking cuneiform for that matter.

And they have a mountain called Mount Nirvana. How cool is that? It's the highest point in the NT.

And, coolest of all...



  1. You had me at narwhal.

    The hospital issue might be a little tricky though.

    Can you imagine someone saying "Just hold on!" seventeen thousand times as you're dying of something that could be fixed in a half hour in a medical setting?

    Maybe they should hang solar-powered "heart paddles" on the trees.

  2. True. Survivalist, heal thyself.

  3. It's actually pretty rare for someone to die here for lack of access to a hospital. People are more apt to die of stupid things like drinking and driving, drinking and ATVs, drinking and walking in the cold, and in general, any of the dumb things you can do while drinking. Just like down south.

    We're so civilized, we even have cell phones in most large communities now, and we have satellite TV which is way better than cable.

    We're totally advanced. Come visit some time!

  4. Woohoo! I totally will.

    (And thus begins the steady march toward gentrification... ;)