Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm reading the stories of Breece D'J Pancake. So far I've learned that West Virginia is beautiful but depressing. Will I learn anything else? I'm a couple pages into the third story. This guy died thirty years ago this month, and this is his only book. Supposed to be really good. Probably not my thing. Why do southern characters always sound fake in their dialogue? And as is almost always the case with short stories, the endings tend to just sort of fizzle out.


  1. My friend Che Elias idolizes him.

    I'm afraid to read him for exactly the reasons you articulate here.

    West Virginia puts its soot on writers and then pulls on them like an evil string cheese.

    Or something.

    Like string cheese.

    I wanted a simile made out of metal but it wasn't happening.

    Anchor was too easy. I was trying to remember what the inner part of the tire was called.

    Oh yeah, rim.

  2. it's just that these stories are so *standard*. very *well-crafted*. maybe too well.

    i don't dislike reading them, but i just feel like i've read them before. maybe it would have felt different in the seventies. that's one thing i like about it—it's very 70s, i think. like a 70s movie.