Sunday, June 7, 2009

I was going to see a movie today using a gift card that I've had for more than a year. I was all set to go see Drag Me To Hell, but the weather was too nice to be indoors. I think I might wait for it on Netflix. I haven't used the card yet because it's an AMC card and AMC never plays the kind of movies I like to see. Except now they're showing the one I just mentioned plus Away We Go and also The Hangover. So I think I'll make those two the ones I see with the card. It's a $25 card, so that will cover exactly two $12.50 tickets.

Another boring Saturday night home alone. Channel 13 shows classic movies on Saturday night, but when analog TV shuts down next week, I won't be able to watch 13 anymore. Without an outdoor antenna, digital reception is spotty, and channel 13 (PBS) doesn't come in at all.

Just chased a horsefly out of my room. Last I saw it was in the kitchen. The window's open in there so hopefully it'll find its way out.

Trying to write a story, but I can't even write one sentence. I really want to write something like The Red Robins by Kenneth Koch, but I know I'll never be able to write anything so weird and wacky and all-over-the-place. I haven't finished a short story in six years, and that was under pressure of a deadline for class.

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