Monday, June 1, 2009

In which I buy some books and defend my abode, but not in that order

I wish I had known earlier about that lit mag event thing at Housing Works today. I still could have gone and maybe caught the end of it, but I didn't feel like interrupting my Sunday routine (wake up 1-ish, shower around 2 or 3, lunch around 4-4:30, digest lunch until 6 or 7 when I head "out on the town" which usually just means out to the park or Nussbaum & Wu or any of various bookstores at which I almost invariably end up squandering ten to 20 dollars in cash money). So instead of squandering money at this lit mag event I ended up at Mercer St. Books and suddenly didn't mind missing the lit mag event because at Mercer St. Books I found and made purchases of the following items: Blue Collar Holiday by Jeni Olin; The Bruise by Magdalena Zurawski; The Land-Grant College Review Issue No. One by a whole bunch of people. So I did end up with a lit mag after all. I first wanted to buy that LGCR when it came out six years ago today (June 1, according to Goodreads). Better late than never. I don't even know if they're still in business. I could find out in about two seconds through the use of Google, probably. But I'm even more thrilled finally to be the owner of Jeni Olin's book, which I came close to buying new and at full price at St. Mark's a while ago. But I didn't buy it then because I have a pretty strict policy about buying books used only. So my patience paid off and I got it used tonight for $6.95 instead of $16.00, and in pretty much new condition anyway. Books are the greatest thing to buy used. Unlike, say, a used car, a used book usually is just as good as a new one. No offense to people who buy new books, but people who unthinkingly buy books new all the time are chumps. You're cheating yourselves! Just have a little patience and wait until the book finds you. Could take years, but that, along with the lower cost, makes it all the more satisfying. Anyway. Jeni Olin. I'm so so glad to finally have this book. One of my favorite poets. Poetry magazine should do an all Jeni Olin issue. It would be the best issue of Poetry magazine in quite some time. Even I would buy it.

A pigeon almost entered my room this morning. It must have woken me up by bumping into the blinds, which were down but my window was open. I woke up to fluttering light and noise, unpleasant because so early. I immediately saw through the blinds the pigeon sitting on the ledge, facing away from me. I knew it would go away if I just waited. While I was waiting I half-consciously tried to think of pigeon-related wordplays on "The Raven". I might have been thinking about "The Raven" because I saw the other night for the first time in years the original Simpsons Halloween show, which featured a parody of "The Raven". I remembered while watching it that that episode was almost certainly my first encounter with "The Raven". I like to think so anyway. Anyway that's the version of the story that has stuck with me. But back to the pigeon. It was still there after, I don't know, a minute, so I decided to take action. I gently "rapped" on the wall next to my bed, sending vibrations through the wall and air, enough to disturb the pigeon from its perch, it never even looking back as it took off. I promptly went back to sleep. After closing the window.

You wanna feel depressed? I'll tell you how: take a walk on a Sunday night through a place that's crowded during the day.

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