Saturday, June 20, 2009

In which I pick up, think, knock, forget, decide, abandon, try to keep, look around, see, love, and prefer

Picked up Tony Towle's "Autobiography" and Other Poems at the Strand. They weren't doing bag checks! Are they not doing bag checks anymore ever? 2ruth btold, I think I'll miss that, if it is indeed a permanent change, since now everybody's gonna be walking around in those narrow aisles with their backpacks on knocking over stuff and bumping into folks. I knocked over a David Markson book with my bulging bag, for example. I picked it up, but it was a clear signal that this wearing-the-backpack-in-the-store thing was going to cause a lot of problems. But I don't know, maybe they were just shorthanded 2nite and so didn't—but no I don't think they were...the counter top of the bag check station was piled with books and merch that hadn't been there b4. Like it looked like a pretty permanent new setup....

I forget which David Markson book it was.... In other book nooz, I've just this evening decided to abandon probably for good Lydia Millet's Everyone's Pretty. This brings my "currently-reading" tally to 144, down from 145 (Towle). Trying to keep it under a GROSS here. I should be able to finish one poetry book tonight.

This Towle book is from 1977 and is brown, with Robert Motherwell art on the cover. It's slightly sticky, in that way that 32-year-old books can be. Why don't they make brown books anymore? Is it considered an unattractive color for some strange reason? Looking around cursorily at my boox right now I see that maybe only three or four are mostly brown. I love books from the seventies. Book design was at its best in the 60's and 70's, then it sucked hard in the 80's as we all know, then it started to improve but still kind of sucked in the 90's, and then in the last few years people really seem to have come to their senses book-design-wise. Mostly. I still prefer the ultra cool cover-art and fonts of the 60's and 70's, which most of the time meant something pretty simple, cool like Miles Davis cool, or colorful cool like...I don't know, whoever. But of course, the reason books are looking good today again is because what was old is new again and what was blue is true again. Not just blue, but you know, I did that cuz of the rhyme.

So apparently even though I can now get channel 13 DTV since I rescanned, I can now no longer get channel 11 for some reason. Oh well. It's more, much more, than a fair trade-off....

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