Thursday, June 18, 2009

In which I read, walk, use terms, love, laugh internally, reflect, look forward

Resumed reading Denis with one n Denis Johnson's Already Dead. I read some of it yesterday walking around in the park. It was perfect weather for reading a book set in California. Overcast, summermoist, room temp. Walked along the part of the park that runs alongside train tracks. It occurred to me that you could shoot a movie of two people walking along those tracks, with the trees in the background, and it could stand in for rural Missouri or something. You could shoot an entire feature film in New York without ever showing a building, if you really wanted to. That would be an interesting thing to do conceptually, if I'm using that term right. Like, "Look at the great expense we went to to shoot this in Manhattan, when it could have been done for a fraction of the cost in Nowheresville, MO, with the same basic stuff on screen." Not sure what the point of such a concept would be, but there you go.

Anyway, still loving AD, even though I laugh internally every time I reflect on the fact it was inspired by a poem by the insufferable Bill Knott. (Bill Knott himself being insufferable, not his poetry, which I'm pretty neutral about.) Got about 70-some pages left. Looking forward to reading more of Denis with one n Denis Johnson "in future" (we used to say "in the future", but now we say "in future", apparently). I've read Jesus' Son, so I'm thinking the next will be Angels.

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