Monday, June 8, 2009

Infinite Summer
in 13 days...

I have a head start, and I know I still won't finish by the end of summer, but there you go. I got the 10th-anniversary $10 edition in I think '07 and started reading it after Wallace died last year. I'm on page 130-something. It's long but not any more "difficult" to read than your average novel. It is, however, a lot more interesting and fun to read than your average novel, even though I realize that's not saying much considering the state of the average novel today. Never mind that. It—and by "it" I mean the novel Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, in case you're one of those people who just wandered in here looking for "dairy bondage" or "cheebye kia" or pictures of Mila Kunis or Marilyn Monroe (y'all account for about half my readership)—is, I'm quickly discovering, well worth the time and slight inconvenience of its physical cumbersomeness and need for two bookmarks.

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