Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pound in Indiana

"Sometimes when he came to our house I was exceedingly glad to see him. But by
the time he had stayed from four on Sunday afternoon till twelve or one at
night, and had crawled all over the sofa and stuck his feet up against the wall
and otherwise engaged in unnecessary contortions, I was at least glad to see him
go." —Rollo Walter Brown, a faculty colleague of Ezra Pound at Wabash College.

That's from an article by James Longenbach I might very well one day read in its entirety.

One of Ezra Pound's unnecessary contortions (reenactment).

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  1. This is so funny. It's exactly how I imagined Pound as a house-guest. You know, the guy who keeps on talking about the Provencal poets while you keep rubbing your eyes and looking at your watch . . .

    "Man it's getting really la . . ."
    "And then there's Guillem de Peitau!"
    " . . . "