Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why would you click "no"?

From the CNN website, today's poll:

Quick Vote

Would you like to live on the moon?

Yes 23% 3589
No 77% 12200

Total Votes: 15789

This is not a scientific poll

Now, I ask you, gentle people, why in the world would anyone not like to live on the moon? And even if you looked at it from a pragmatic perspective—because, you know, living on the moon right now, in reality, would suck hard for a lot of reasons—how devoid of wonder, humor, and imagination do you have to be to actually choose "no" in a casual online poll? Listen, people, no one is actually asking you to live on the moon! Your answer is not binding!

Seventy-seven per cent. Unreal.

These are the same people who deny diplomas to kids who blow kisses to their moms. You know the type. Sadly, now that I think about it, that 77% seems pretty accurate.

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