Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A word people throw around a lot is Muzak,

but do they actually know what it means? It's not a generic term for any kind of commercial music, as so many people seem to believe. It's a specific company, which does a specific thing, which is distribute music to stores to play on the PA system and soothe customers. Did you know it started in the 1930's? History can be found here.

A lot of people like to make themselves feel good about themselves by complaining about Muzak, even though often they're not even talking about Muzak, they're talking about music in TV commercials or other commercial things. If you're going to get on your high horse, at least make sure its feet are planted squarely in the truth.


I wish people here in this room and everywhere else in the world would please just stop making so much NOISE.


  1. are you talking about dfw? whoa, this is so played, but the captcha is "woryman"

    I think it is sometimes intentionally misused as a jab. like this music's so bad it might as well be muzak. shrug.

  2. oh, no, it was just some blogger.

    i normally don't even bother complaining about stuff i read on blogs, but i was in a bad mood or something. it's really kind of a dumb post (mine i mean) now that i look at it again.