Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not me:

After my first visit to the dentist in nine years, I find I have my first cavity. To be filled anon. Oh well. Could have been worse. See above. Or, see below to see that mouth in action...

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  1. Every dentist in the world should put that photo on the ceiling right above the chair.

    Just kiddin'.

    I love the man to death.

    Sort of like his own liver probably does.

    My w.v. is "Satide."

    Very Gorey.

    Satide (n): A follower, adherent, devotee (or occasionally murderous Thug) who adopts a feeling of idolatry towards the composer Erik Satie.

    Who is more responsible for New Age crap music?

    Debussy or Satie?

    It would be a toss-up, though I like both.

    It's just where it LED....