Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Autobiographical post

How hot did it get today? Mid-90s. I wandered around after ____ trying to decide where to ___. Wishing my ____ worked. I should get on that. Meanwhile I have ______ about every other day, and on every other day I have ________, occasionally ____ or _____. It's not the first time I've wandered around for an hour through _______ in 90+ heat. I think the heat is what causes the wandering. I ended up at a nice _____ on ___ Avenue. The ________ was chopped very finely. I always appreciate that. Good ______ too. But I need to find a new _____ to ___. Maybe I'll try _________ for the first time in this apartment.

Decided to put off _______ until tomorrow. Monday is a bad day to __ _______ (too crowded). And the only article I don't have clean is pants, and it's easy to get away with _______ _________ _____.


  1. i like irony too...

    you should check out what rilke had to say about it...

    anyway, irony: as a structure, it can afford great surprise & insight...

    as a mode of being, it doesn't really get much below the surface...

    be well...

  2. not sure what you're getting at...

  3. I once planned on writing an entire novel like this. Somewhere on Goodreads this is exactly what my bio looks like.

    Needless to say, it works better in short bursts such as you have created here.

    ALTHOUGH, a book like this broken up into super-short chapters like this MIGHT work.

    Now I will go do that.

    Are cows flying yet?

    I will do it on my Gorey blog though since it strikes me as Goreyesque.