Thursday, August 6, 2009

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Kiss Them for Me


  1. Word up. I've been thrashing my copy of Tinderbox lately.

    and noticing the twitterings in the sidebar - is that the Damned (just drinking about my baby) or Lou Reed (the power of poitive drinking)?

    And I too have linked to the paintings. Thats ... Wow. I don't know what to say there.

    Word up again.

  2. "think positive, drink positive" is a slogan on SmartWater brand bottled water. a facebook friend and i were arguing about whether it's grammatically correct. she said it was a comma splice, and she wanted to make the adjectives adverbs.

    what do you think? even strunk & white acknowledge that some comma splices are okay if the clauses are short and of similar forms. and i think the adjectives are okay, because it's almost a figure of speech. like, if you're designing a room, you might say to the client, "i'm thinking art deco!", not "i'm thinking art deco-ly!"

    "think positive, drink positive." i say, let it stand.

  3. It could be ok - as a parellelism a semicolon may be more apropriate. But then again I'm not too much of a pedant.

  4. Loves it.

    And then some weird YouTubers had to "explain" to me the song was all about Anton LaVey (sp?)'s Church of Satan and some woman that was allegedly killed there and yadda yadda.

    I just dig the song.

    There was this mall that was dying for years where no one but like me and three old ladies would go at night and they would always play "Cities in Dust" over the speakers...which I thought was funny.

    And now the mall is dust and less.

    I wonder if the old ladies still hear "Cities in Dust" in their heads (if they're still old and not dust that is old).

  5. the weird 'tubers told me it was about jayne mansfield...

    i'll look it up shortly.

  6. aha, wikipedia sez: "Even with its positive sound, Siouxsie Sioux's cryptic lyrics are an ode to actress and sex icon Jayne Mansfield — using the actress' catchword "divoon", referring to her heart-shaped swimming pool and her love of champagne and parties, and to the grisly automobile accident which claimed her life in 1967. Kiss Them for Me was also the name of a 20th Century Fox motion picture made in 1957 starring Mansfield and Cary Grant."

  7. Cities in Dust ...
    God I just love that whole album.

    I wish I was a disintegrating turtle (to mix albums)

  8. much for trusting YouTubers on Anton LaVey.

    I much prefer a doomed Hollywood starlet as the central image.

    Thank You.