Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why haven't I seen this??????????

Don't worry, it's in my queue now.

In other news, Jakob von Gunten is turning out to be a very lovable book. I'm only twelve pages in, but I'm sold. I kept re-reading every paragraph two or three times, and for once it had nothing to do with OCD—I did it because I wanted to, because the prose is so exactly what I've been looking for, though I didn't even quite know I was looking for it. Also interesting is how it's sort of reminding me of Infinite Jest a little bit. Like, there's a character named Schacht in both books, and both books involve teenage boys at a specialized kind of school.


  1. that's one of my stepdad's favorite movies. saw it a bunch when i was a kid.

  2. I'm ashamed of you for not knowing this movie. Sheesh. TIME OUT FOR MATT~!


    wv: patio

    that's it. i'm not kidding. i don't have a patio but if i had one i'd be on it drinking tequila.

  3. years ago i somehow picked up the phrase "wherever you go, there you are", along with the name buckaroo banzai, but i had no idea what this was until one day it occurred to me to google it.