Saturday, September 12, 2009

I have finished reading Indiana, Indiana, by Laird Hunt

I don't know why it took me so long (ten months)—oh yeah, it involved unreasonably (for me) short loan periods (three weeks, with three renewals allowed)—but I finally finished this. Highly recommended.

9 down, 141 to go.

I'm going to Coney Island for the first time ever today. My throat is still kind of sore. Just realized I'll miss the women's final, unless it gets rained out, which is possible. I always seem to miss the women's final. That's what they get for holding it on a Saturday night though. Right now they're showing the 2005 men's final between Federer and Agassi. They're showing it because they're on a rain delay. I need to bathe and eat a peanut butter sandwich and watch Lost.

Not to sound xenophobic, but I think the German practice of not indenting paragraphs in books is ugly, confusing, sick, and wrong.

At this time of the year in 2005 I had recently started working at the Bakehouse as a dishwasher. Hurricane Katrina had just happened. I have a cousin named Katrina. I somewhat wish it was still 2005, but a lot of good things have happened since 2005 that I would hate to have missed out on. I was 23 years old then. Now I'm 27. I wish that everything good that has happened since 2005 had still happened but that I was still 23 now. That would be ideal.

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