Sunday, September 27, 2009

In memory of my grandpa, Stanley Cozart.

September 27, 1920 — September 26, 2009


  1. My condolences for the loss of your grandfather.

  2. Matt,

    I am sorry to hear this. I am sending good thoughts your way.

  3. Matt, mine died two days before his birthday, on Christmas Eve a few years ago. Then there was Christmas. Then there was his birthday. And every year all over again. I'm saying this poorly: I saw the dates. Beyond condolences, my thoughts are with you.

  4. Thank you, Molly. It is sad that he died just before his birthday, but I take solace in the fact he was able to live so long without having to end his life in a nursing home or protracted hospitalization. 89 good years...we should all be so lucky.

  5. Matt: This is from your first cousin once removed, who has lived these many years in the Washington DC area and met you once when you were about one year old -- so if you do not remember me, OK.

    I very much appreciated your tribute to your Grandfather Stan and your subsequent comments. Right on the mark. During WWII he was the navigator on what history has called the most perilous B-52 raids of the War -- over the Romanian oil fields. He came away without a scratch. As a kid I remember we counted down the number of missions he had to fly before coming home. He was a superior human being and you are right to be proud of him. All the best. Jack

  6. Wow, good to hear from you Jack. Thank you. I guess I have relatives all over the place that I don't know about, owing, as you know, to the large number of siblings in my grandparents' families. I met some of them at the funeral, which was a really beautiful and well attended ceremony.

    Even though I knew about his service on B-24s in the 450th Bomb Group, I'm only now starting to learn about what all that actually entailed. (He wasn't big on talking about that stuff, you know.) 35 combat missions. Insane.

    Well, thanks for your note, and maybe we'll have the chance to meet again in the future. Take care.