Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No shower this morning. Accidentally got an extra half-hour of sleep. Almost six hours total. So that's nice, even though my hair is matted down. That's how I got the name Matt. I was named just this morning. Apparently the president was in the neighborhood the other day. I think so. A lot of streets were blocked off when I went to get lunch and people were lining up along the barricades as if in anticipation of some kind of, how do you say, motorcade. Yesterday there was apparently some kind of election type thing, which I didn't realize until someone on the street tried to get me to vote for someone. Why is there an election in September? Why does nobody tell me anything? In New York there is an office called "Comptroller". I have no idea what this is, but it's an interesting word. I wandered into Barnes and Noble last night and Salman Rushdie was there, giving a reading. The quintessential 80s sound would have to be Bananarama. Listening to this music is more pleasurable than the music itself. I have no interest in New York politics.

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  1. I wandered into Barnes and Noble last night and Philippa Gregory was giving a reading.

    You have better luck.