Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saw Big Fan tonight. Patton Oswalt was completely at home in a "serious" movie. The director was supposed to talk to us after the movie, but he was a no-show. That would have been the third time I've seen the director of a movie talk to the audience after the movie. Miranda July and Sally Potter were the other two. The Angelika was surprisingly uncrowded for a Saturday night during the school year. Still can't figure that out. Puzzling. I want to see The Baader Meinhof Complex, which is also playing there. I couldn't help thinking of blogs and comment wars while watching Big Fan, which is about one of those guys who calls in to those radio sports shows that are apparently on at all hours of the day and night in New York. For some reason I also, after the movie, thought of Port Authority, how going there to catch a bus is vaguely embarrassing, like visiting a relative in jail. I was walking around after the movie feeling like I was still in the movie, which is a feeling I often have after seeing a good movie but which was especially strong in this case because the movie takes place in present day New York, which is where and when I live, so there was no real "shock back into reality" that usually happens after a movie. I ate at Metro Diner on West 100th, which I've never been to before. Nice-looking. Food was okay. I'm not that crazy about burgers anymore, but I keep eating them because they're usually the cheapest thing, even when deluxe. There was a grey-haired woman in the next booth who looked just a little familiar, like an actress I might have seen. Pretty. Late 40s? Hard to tell. The grey hair looked purposeful. She had an Olivia Williams kind of face. It really felt like fall tonight. Right on time, I guess. Here's Patton Oswalt doing comedy, which is what he's known for:

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