Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well it appears the rain screwed up the tennis even more than I knew. I don't know what's going on now. There will be some on later today. King of the Hill ends tonight apparently without much ceremony.

Went to the Coney Island Museum to see Night of the Living Dead last night. The room smelled like very old things. All kinds of artifacts. Always thought there was something creepy about early 20th century amusements. Even the comic strips and cartoons of the time are disturbing. But cool.

I think I prefer the less-is-more kind of horror movie. I did think it was interesting that they never mention the word zombie. Maybe they don't mention the word zombie in other zombie movies either. I haven't seen any so I wouldn't know. I also had fun imagining Lyndon Johnson meeting with his cabinet to discuss the zombie problem. They don't mention Lyndon Johnson either, just "the president". I guess that's the normal way to do it in these kinds of movies.

I think I'm reading at least twenty novels now. That really is too many. I should try to limit it to ten.

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