Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have finished reading Shoplifting from American Apparel, by Tao Lin

It reminded me of one of those Andrew Bujalski movies. I like those. My sister read this before I did. She borrowed it from me on a plane ride (two planes) and finished it in one day. She went to the same college as Tao Lin, and I guess that's how she knew about him. She liked the book. She said, "It's very 'you'." I understood. I finally got around to reading it this week. I thought it was funny. I don't know if I would say it's "about boredom", but maybe it is. I don't know. It's like a documentary following a person around and catching mostly quiet moments, with people not saying much. Or, like I said, one of those Andrew Bujalski movies. And with that this post comes full circle, yay. Tao is doing a grassroots promotional campaign involving people blogging about the book, but this isn't part of that. It's not long enough (this post, I mean), and I have his other books (which he is giving away to participants) already. I'm just here to promote literacy in America.

(12 down, 138 to go.)


  1. I had the same feeling. There are moments that we take for granted because they're "quiet," moments that Andrew Bujalski makes notable use of. I can see the similarity you speak of. On the same note, I was into Beeswax, whereas the friend I took fell asleep on my shoulder.

  2. Exactly. (Unfortunately I still haven't seen Beeswax--I think I missed it in theaters.)

  3. and the internet goes full-circle, today. i had just finished reading about mumblecore a couple hours ago and added hannah takes the stairs to my netflix queue, and then i read this post mentioning bujalski, which led me right back to mumblecore...! (most unfortunate moniker) soooo that was kind of e-serendipitous. serendipit-e?

    also, i love that crossed ankle photo.

  4. thanks. that took a few tries, as i was shooting blindly, holding the camera at my waist. luckily, the light lasted a long time, and she stood very still.