Friday, October 30, 2009

The Next Book I Read Will Be This Huge-Ass Biography of Alexander Hamilton (Really)

There are some gaps in my knowledge of early U.S. history. In fact, my knowledge of early U.S. history is about 95% gap, 5% knowledge. I was enjoying a biography of Benjamin Franklin a few years ago but as so often happens I got distracted with other things and didn't finish it. I plan to. But first I think I will read this massive (~800 pp.) biography of Alexander Hamilton. I like the idea of learning history through biographies. More novelistic, I guess, than a standard history book. I've been interested in Hamilton for a while. I live in Hamilton Heights, a few blocks from where he lived. I work a few blocks from his grave downtown. Just the other day I found his grave for the first time, though I had known already it was somewhere in Trinity Churchyard. The guy was against slavery. He was literally a bastard. He was good with money. He wasn't very good at public relations, but that's why I like him. Those people who are good at public relations—aren't they the worst? He was killed by the third vice president of the United States and one of the great jerkwads of history. Thanks a lot, asshole. Hamilton didn't even fire. And look who ended up on the ten. What does that tell you, Burr? Well? That's what I thought. Sit down and shut up. Oh look, here comes Dickwad Cheney. I'm sure you two have plenty to chat about, shooting-people-while-vice-president-wise. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be over here, in my happy place, reading about the guy whose shoes you're not even fit to shine.

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