Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaNoWriMo, 4494-4907

"Well, that's fine," said the commissioner, "but is there anyone ready to help me organize my dirigible festival?" Hiram piped up from behind a potted fern: "Sir, you can count on me, your honor!" "Anyone else?" "Count me in as well, for I have the know-how and the experience necessary," said Rachel in the front row. "I think we should include helicopters too," Jesse McCall unhesitatingly suggested. "Now hold on," replied the commissioner, Mr. H.J.P. Dungrass. "That's introducing a whole 'nother level of aeronautics I don't feel like contending with at my age. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your enthusiasm, son. It's just that, well, I've got my tired old heart set on dirigibles and dirigibles only. I hope you can understand." "I do, Father, I understand well, for even at my relatively young age I can empathize with your fatigue. Helicopters are overrated anyway." "Who wants more ice cream?" Bethany asked the group. "There's plenty to go around for seconds. All flavors. How 'bout you, Jezebel, could you eat another scoop?" "Oh, I don't see why not!" said Jezebel. "I'll have another scoop of mint chocolate chip, if you have any." "I do indeed. One scoop mint chocolate chip coming right up!" And the extravagant old woman scooped the requested portion into Jezebel's glistening ceramic bowl. "I'll have another scoop of chocolate," said Dan. "Is that all?" Bethany's ancient eyes sparkled slightly as she said this. "You can ask for two [she winks], it's okay. I can tell you want to [winks again]." Before Dan could reply, Archibald came crashing through a wall on his Yamaha ATV. The wall was thin, and he was spared serious injury. "You'll never guess what I just saw down by the old mill!" Archibald managed to ejaculate these words between coughing fits. "A house afire?" guessed Johnny, the kleptomaniac. "A horrific automobile accident?" ventured Samuel. "Collision. Don't say 'accident'," said Mitchell Crandall, the insurance man. "'Accident' implies no one was at fault. We don't know that." "Was it a pack of wild hyenas escaped from the zoo?" another person asked. Still another said, "I bet it was Nicholas Cage. You saw Nicholas Cage, didn't you! Buying Christmas presents for his kids! And I bet you videotaped it too! You're gonna sell it to TMZ, ain't ya? Go on, admit it. It's alright. We're all grown-ups here. We can handle it." Silence all around, up and down, through and through. "WELL?!" screamed the assembly in unison.

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